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Staff Directory

  • Email: Click on a staff member's name to access his/her personal contact form.
  • Phone: Call the school at 510-475-9630, and ask the office staff to transfer you to leave staff member a voicemail.
  • Note LMC is Library Media Center


Mrs. Victor
Principal  Office webpage
Mrs. Sayavong
Assistant Principal  Office webpage

Ms. Leon
Secretary  Office  
Ms. Castillo
Clerk  Office  
Mrs. Ramirez
Kids First  Office  webpage
Mrs. Alvarez
Cafeteria Lead  




Mrs. Freeman
Literacy Coach  Room 215  
Mrs. Cheung
 Math Coach  Room 215  webpage
Mrs. Cox
 Media  LMC  blog
Mr. Desouza
 Music  Music Rm  webpage
Mrs. Northcote
 PE  PE Room  
Mrs. Crittendon
 PE  PE Room  
Mrs. Pazar
 Psychologist  LMC  
Ms. Rogers
 Resource  LMC  
Miss Morris
 Science  RM 113  
Mrs. Arroyo
 Speech  Office  
Mrs. Moreno
 Release Prep  LMC  

 Kindergarten Teachers
Ms. Correa
TK Teacher  Room 102  webpage
Mrs. Buxton
Teacher  Room 103  webpage
Mrs. Burback
Teacher  Room 105  webpage
Mrs. Sims-Vinas
Teacher  Room 107  webpage
Mr. Long
Teacher  Room 108  webpage
Mrs. Chawla Teacher  Room 109  webpage

 First Grade Teachers    
Mrs. Fryman
Teacher  Room 110  
Mrs. Faria
Teacher  Room 114  
Mrs. Zemanek
Teacher  Room 115  
Mrs. C Wanzong
Teacher  Room 118  
Miss Curnow
Teacher  Room 119  

 Second Grade Teachers    
Mr. Hernandez
Teacher  Room 116  
Mr. Stickland
Teacher  Room 117  
Miss Chau
Teacher  Room 117  
Mrs. K Wanzong
Teacher  Room 120  
Mrs. Demuri
Teacher  Room 223  
Mrs. Chew
Teacher  Room 224  

 Third Grade Teachers    
Mrs. Gore
 Teacher  Room 214  
Mrs. Shockley
 Teacher  Room 219  
Mr. Epps
 Teacher  Room 220  
Mr. Austin
 Teacher  Room 221  
Ms. P Leung
 Teacher  Room 222  

Fourth Grade Teachers
Mrs. Sprenkel
Teacher Room 203  
Mrs. Mendoza
Teacher Room 205 webpage
Miss Pandacan Teacher Room 204  
Mrs. V Leong Teacher Room 206  
Ms. Pacheco Teacher Room 208  

 Fifth Grade Teachers    
Mrs. Liu
 Teacher  Room 201  
Miss Erin Riegelberger
 Teacher  Room 201  
Mr. Nay
 Teacher  Room 202  
Miss Pandacan  Teacher   Room 204  
Mrs Santiago  Teacher  Room 207  
Mr. Reyes
 Teacher   Room 211  

 Special Education    
Ms. Brabson
 Teacher  Room 101  
Mrs. Smith
 Teacher  Room 104  
Mrs. Zimmerman
 Teacher  Room 106