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New K-5 Mathematics Curriculum was Implemented District-Wide In 2015-2016, New Haven has implemented a new Math Curriculum that is Common Core aligned. The new program is entitled BRIDGES.

The following web link provides an overview of the program for each grade level. . If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your child's teacher, your site's Math Instructional Coach-  Beckie Cheung, or administrators-Ms. Victor and Mrs Sayavong.

Here are a few resources for Back To School from Math Instructional Coach- Beckie Cheung

Coffee and Calculation Slide Show 5/1/2017

What is Bridges Math Program?

Growth Mindset

Math with Common Core
Math At Home (printables)
A Family's Guide of Mathematics by NCTM-- I like page 12 & 13
Math at Home Great suggestions!
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