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Kids First Program Information

Afterschool care provided in a fun safe environment
Homework program Monday-Thursday
We have available two and three days a week as well as a drop-in service.
We offer 4 day and 1 day care a week as well.
We also offer homework assistance and daily Snack provided everyday at 2:15   PM.

For more information call 476-2743

Hours of Operation
7:00 A.M. to 8:00 AM and 2:05  PM to 6:20 PM.
Kinder Hours 11:20 AM  to 2:05 PM August 24th  to Seprember 23rd

Program Specialist
Juana Ramirez [1]

Kids First Staff

Kids First Staff

Kids First is New Haven's K- 5 before and after school child care program. Kids First operates on all scheduled school days from 7-8am and 2:05-6:20pm in the school cafeteria. Kindergarteners are picked up at their classroom by Kids First staff and walked to the program.  A snack is provided everyday.

Program Fees

 Kids First fees are charged monthly and broken down hourly. There are 180 days in every school year and these days fall in a 10-month period. Instead of charging for the exact number of days in each month we charge for the average, which is 20. Some months you may actually use 23 days and be charged 20 and some months 17 days and be charged for 20. Regardless of how many days your child actually goes to school in any given month, you are billed for 20. No one is ever charged for more than 180 days in a year. Not only does this give everyone a consistent bill, it keeps the billing process manageable for Kids First.

December and June are billed as 1/2 months since they typically have approximately 10 days.

 Kids First hourly fee is $5.30. Taking 20 days and multiplying them by $5.30 gives us $106.00 per hour, per month. In other words if your child is with us for 2 hours a day your fee will be $212.00 a month, 3 hours will be $318.00, and so on. Our reduced fee (for qualifying families) works the same way at $60.00 per hour per month

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